Center approved by Dirección General de la Marina Mercante in Spain to teach professional nautical training courses, regulated by the International Convention STCW of the International Maritime Organization IMO

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iSea Malaga is a center approved by the Andalusian Government and the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy to teach professional nautical training courses. We have the best professionals with extensive experience in education and at sea, providing high quality on both theory and practice. 

STCW Basic Safety Training (BST)

During this training course, you will begin your journey in the nautical world. In this safety course, you will learn the basics of acting on a ship in emergencies, as well as protection and survival.

STCW Crowd & Crisis Management course

Once you get this degree, you will be able to perform the techniques and procedures to manage the passage in case of a lack of control, emergency, or special situations on board.

Proficiency in Security Awareness course

The student will learn to solve the situations that can be faced that intends protection, inspection and contingency inside a ship.

Marine Radio Course (SRC)

The cornerstone of this course is the general principles and basic characteristics of the maritime mobile service, as well as the regulations, procedures and practices on radio procedures. 

Sailing licenses


Boats of up to 15 meters

Recreational Boat Pattern. The most demanded nautical qualification since it is the option that most attributions offers and does not require obtaining any previous nautical license or qualification.



  • ONLINE lectures


Boats of up to 24m

The title of Yacht Skipper will allow you to make tall navigations. With this title, it is possible to sail up to a maximum distance of 150 miles from the coast in pleasure boats up to 24 meters in length.



  • Attendancy class
  • Practices included


Boats of up to 24m

The title of Captain of the Yacht is the recreational nautical title with the highest powers. It allows navigation in all types of pleasure boats, without navigation limit.




  • Attendancy class
  • Practices included

Become a Cruise ship crew member


The cruise industry is booming due to the increasing demand of travelers. A cruise ship is a floating hotel and the possibilities of getting a job are immense in the different professional categories: entertainers, waiters, masseurs, receptionists, and crew…


One of the best ways to develop a professional career while you travel around the world. We will help you to get the specific training and the official certifications necessary to enter the job market in record time.



Yacht Services:

Where are we located?

Our offices are located in Malaga, in the Teatinos area. Inside the 3 classes of our offices, we teach all the theoretical nautical courses.

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We are your center in Malaga to obtain the nautical qualification you desire. Come to meet us and you will join the great family of iSea.

Schedule of courses

We set special schedules to cover all ypur needs. Call us and ask for the right one for you.

We are here

Avda. Jorge Luis Borges 15, Planta 5

Phone number: +34 673 535 048